PSG Logo Concept

A Concept PSG Logo

The Group

The Progressive Security Group is a student organization based out of of Michigan Tech. We were founded by a core group of CNSA students in 2008 who decided that an organization was necessary to research and explore the depths of computer security and administration. We have been lucky to have David Wanless of the School of Technology Department be our sole academic advisor for the past few years.

Our meetings are at the same time with the Linux Users Group (LUG)
Feel free to stop in and join us. Everyone is welcome.

The People


Mario Loria – Supreme Commander – “What I’m telling you doesn’t leave this room. Got it?”
Mario has been getting made fun of because of his name for over a decade. He loves thinking of new ideas to fuel web site development, system administration tasks, and overall functionality of the stuff we use everyday. He’s created such sites as Meme101, ScriptTheNet, and this one, PSGNet. He uses Linux on all his systems, programs mostly in bash, and enjoys walks in his basement. He is also a key member of the WhyteDev development group, creator of the WhyteRabbit Network, and VP of the Linux Users Group. He is studying Computer Networking and Systems Administration at Michigan Tech University with a minor in Economics. Finally, he is an Eagle Scout out of Selfridge ANGB, Michigan and still can’t tie a knot.


Jay Vana – Executive Producer and Creative Director – “Uhh..Awesome”
Jay has been developing since he could say “derp”. He loves writing PHP, Ruby, and anything new he can get his hands on. Studying Computer Networking and Systems at Michigan Tech, he generally finds time to twiddle with electronics, break things, and make everyone wonder where he’s going. He has been a valuable asset to PSGNet helping develop the core PHP code and mysql structure for the site and its offerings. Finally, he’s sexy and he knows it.


Ryan Brodowicz – Minecraft Senior Administrator – “I don’t always herp, but when I herp, I derp.”
Ryan is what we like to call a “noobcake”. He successfully manages our Minecraft server “KeepCraft.in” and makes sure backups and donations run smoothly. He also likes to tell other staff members how much they are failing and plays minecraft more than he breathes. He works primarily in Windows but knows a good amount of linux plus he loves exploring new programs, games, and bacon brownies. He recently scored a job with OSI in Minnesota starting just after his graduation from Michigan Tech. Finally, Ryan likes to fall off the face of the earth for small periods of time making no communication with anybody.


Jared Ledvina – Supporting Minecraft Administrator – “Hell Yeah!”
Jared is a geek by heart. He is always attempting to stay on top of the high speed train of technology. He typically is stuck with redundant jobs that no one else wants to do. In his free time, he is managing and running TechsMix.net. He loves to pick up new hobbies whether it be a new computer language, derping, or breaking a Minecraft server. He is passionate about everything he does and it really shows through in the end product. Currently, he is studying Computer Network and System Administration at Michigan Tech. He isn’t set on what type of job he wants after graduating but, he hopes to move to Europe and live there for a couple of years.


Kaleb Elwert – Repository Manager – “I don’t know”
Simply put, Kaleb is the resident coder. He is currently working on more projects than is probably healthy, but refuses to drop any of them. His pets include Seabird, an IRC bot, and Alfred, a butler. He is currently lost in Pyroland, so if you want to get his attention, be sure to say “Medic is spy!” before you start talking. Finally, Kaleb is studying Software Engineering at Michigan Tech and is exceptionally in love with IBM laptops.


Adam Weidner – Creative Design Advisor – “Dude f**k if I know.”
Adam is one of the most talented programmers to walk the face of his dorm room. A software engineer at Michigan Tech, he loves exploring the depths of python (along with javascript/coffeescript) and creating beautiful web front ends using 4 or more monitors. This can be seen through his work on Meme101 and his homepage, AdamWeidner.com. Finally, Adam likes to get up before everyone else on earth (especially on weekends) and imagine himself surrounded by high definition monitors.